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Payments to the Examinations Unit
All students from 2010/2011 batch shall use the University Payment System

 All the students of the Faculty from the batch of 2010/2011

All students from 2010/2011 batch shall use the University Payment System to pay the fees related to the Examinations Unit from now on. Accordingly, each student must make payment to the specific account number received in relation to his/her payment.

It is hereby informed that any payment done in any other way without using the payment system by students from 2010/2011 batch will not be accepted after 16.11.2022.
  • Payments for repeat courses
  • Payments for copies of Examination Results Sheet (Semester / Yearly)
  • Payments for Detailed Result Sheet
  • Payments for Transcript
  • Payments for Degree Confirmation Letter
Steps to be followed in doing payment
  1. Visit the following web page
  2. University Payment System
  3. Select “Internal Student”
  4. Enter “NIC” number and select “Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce” under “Faculty”
  5. In Income Type, correctly select the reason of payment
    1. If you visit a bank branch and make payment
      1. Select “Slip Deposit”
      2. Fill in the bank deposit slip as shown on the screen
    2. If pays by card select “Credit Card Payment”


It is important to enter your National ID number, Income Type and Amount correctly when making payments. Below are the instructions for selecting the Income Type.
Document/ReasonIncome Type
Detailed Result SheetDetailed Certificate Fees
Transcript Transcript Certificate Fees
Degree Confirmation Letter Degree Confirmation Letter
Examination Result Sheet (Semester/ Yearly) Examination Result Sheet (Semester/ Yearly)
Repeat Subject PaymentRepeat Examination Fee
All the students of the Faculty before the batch of 2010/2011 You should use the bank voucher to pay the fees to the bank and it should submit the University copy of the voucher to the Examinations Unit when it needed. Download Bank Voucher These students also will be able to use University Payment System soon. Senior Assistant Registrar Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce