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12 Dec The Students-Not Registered for the Elective Courses
Registration of Students for the Elective Courses (Academic Year 2019/2020)
04 Dec 2018/2019 Batch
Lecture group allocation of students who have not properly registered at academic student affairs division
03 Dec Revised Lecture Time Table (First Year) - 2018/2019 Batch
2020 First Semester
03 Dec Student Lecture Group and Registration Number
2018/2019 Batch
06 Nov Results Issuing Schedule
Second Semester Examination - 2019 October/November
Second Year Second Semester Results
October 2018 Examination

 Students can view above results through web site of the Examinations Unit of the FMSC
 8:00pm onwards on 09/01/2019.

The following steps can be followed for this purpose.


1.	Enter the website of the Examinations Unit 

2.	Enter your account

3.	Select Semester Results on Results Menu.

These results are only for the view and you must get the result sheets printed from
the Examinations Unit on relevant dates.

Senior Assistant Registrar
Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce

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